A regional approach

The Ratiu Forum is a joint initiative by the Ratiu Family Charitable Foundation,
the Ratiu Democracy Centre and the London School of Economics IDEAS Think Tank.
Romania and the Balkan region are priority areas of interest for The Ratiu Forum.

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Who We Are

The Ratiu Forum operates at three main levels: sharing expertise through the support of LSE IDEAS, holding regular workshops and lectures, both in-house and public, on subjects of topical interest and expanding external outreach through partnerships with similar institutions.

The current activities of The Ratiu Forum focus on addressing specific areas of concern and threats on illiberal democracy at a national level in Romania.  The Ratiu Forum is currently covering subjects like the current state of Romanian Journalism, the various versions of History Teaching, (one which puts the lid on nationalism/populism), and through the Dialogues on Democracy lecture series, the Challenges to Liberal Democracy. 

The Ratiu Forum utilizes a wide range of educational tools, from workshops and talks, to the publication of articles and books produced by LSE IDEAS and partners. 

Through our London based foundation, The Ratiu Family Charitable Foundation, and the Transylvanian Conference Centre, we offer venues for gatherings, workshops and conferences open to the public.

Mission Statement

We support the development of citizens in the Balkan region by sharing broader views from other members of the region in order to encourage lateral thinking and intellectually rigorous responses to society’s challenges.

We succeed through the strong partnership with LSE IDEAS think tank due to the level of expertise they bring.

The Ratiu Forum is building a strong international reputation among policy-makers, academics, and NGOs, as well as a prominent regional presence. This reputation is built on delivering exceptional public and professional programmes that promote and strengthen regional democracy and democratic values.


Our latest Annual Review is available here.