Journalism Master Class 2024

The Ratiu Forum – a partnership between LSE IDEAS (London School of Economics) and the Ratiu Foundations – is now accepting applications for the fourth edition of the Journalism Master Class, conducted by John Lloyd of the Financial Times. The workshop will take place on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th February at the Ratiu Centre for Democracy in Turda, Romania.

The purpose of this initiative is to explore the current situation of journalism in Romania and the Central and East European (CEE) region. The Master Class will address timely topics such as corruption, the war in Ukraine, and the rise of fake news and disinformation, as well as the power of journalism to record and tackle such issues. Participants will also benefit from workshops on key journalistic techniques and skills and from a Romanian and regional network of professionals and experts.

Our panellists and speakers will include a leading group of Romanian journalists as well as specialists from LSE IDEAS – the international relations think tank at the London School of Economics – and the region.

Participants will be accommodated in Turda at the Ratiu Compound – there is no fee for participation.

Application deadline: Friday, December 15 2023, 11:59pm

In order to apply for the Journalism Master Class, interested candidates should submit a cover letter, a CV and a writing sample to

Information note on the processing of personal data for participants and Consent form:


To address the challenges and opportunities of journalism in Romania and the CEE region and to support journalists in strengthening their practical skills and achieving their potential.


  • Understanding how Romanian journalism works and how the media has changed in recent years
  • The rise of disinformation in Central and Eastern Europe and how to tackle it
  • Reporting of the war in Ukraine
  • Corruption and how to report it
  • The techniques and nature of financial and investigative reporting


The Master Class is primarily addressed to professional Romanian journalists who believe in democratic values. Applications are also open to and welcomed from, citizens of Hungary, Kosovo, Moldova, Serbia, and Ukraine. Candidates must have a working knowledge of English.  


  • In order to apply for the Journalism Master Class, interested candidates should submit the following information to a cover letter explaining their motivation to be part of the Master Class and what they would like to achieve in terms of their personal and professional development
  • No longer than 600 words CV, preferably not exceeding two pages a writing sample


The Ratiu Forum will be considering the following criteria when assessing applications:

  • Proven knowledge of and interest in current affairs, particularly in relation to the CEE region
  • Ambition to grow and improve as journalists and a desire to develop both professionally and personally
  • Commitment to engaging fully in the Master Class and to making the most of the knowledge and expertise on offer

John Lloyd​

John Lloyd co-founded The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford in 2006, where he was Director of Journalism and a Senior Research Fellow. He is a Contributing editor at The Financial Times, and Chairman of the School of Civic Education (Russia). Lloyd was a freelance reporter in Belfast in the early 1970s. He was a reporter on LBC Radio, worked at London Weekend TV as a reporter on the London Programme and producer on Weekend World. At the Financial Times he has been Labour Editor,Labour and Industrial Editor, East Europe Editor, Moscow Bureau Chief; and founding editor of the FT Weekend Magazine. He has edited both Time Out and the New Statesman.