Ways to Generate Traffic and Income to Your Site

A Ratiu Forum webinar with Alison Mutler, Laurentiu Mihu and Liviu Stan
Thursday 24th February at 5 pm EET / 3 pm GMT

In a digital age of new media, sources and stories are available in abundance from all corners of the world. Whilst this can be a lucrative asset for information sharing and freedom of the press, it does mean that competition is high, and news outlets are plentiful. For any journalist, driving traffic to your site, news outlet or blog publication is a necessary part of establishing a profile and increasing income generating opportunities.

journalism webinar

Regional journalists Alison Mutler, Lauentiu Mihu and Liviu Stan (Universul.net) discuss the variety of opportunities available to journalists out there, and the different methods one can use to increase their visibility online. From social media to collaborations, there is a wealth of available options for journalists to generate traffic and income to their site, and it will be discussed in this 60-minute webinar.

Please read the Note regarding personal information here (document in Romanian).

The event will be live-streamed on Facebook. 


Alison Mutler

Alison Mutler studied Romanian literature and language at the University of London and graduated in 1987. She first reported from Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova before communism ended, and was in Romania, working for British television station ITV during the 1989 anti-communist revolt. She moved to Romania in 1991 and joined the Associated Press which she left last year after 25 years. She has been president of the now defunct Foreign Press Association. She occasionally freelances for Coda Story and Radio Free Europe among others. Starting with the 1st of November 2021, Alison is the director of Universul.net.


Laurentiu Mihu

Licensed with M.Sc. in Philosophy at University Paris XII Val de Marne, he has more than sixteen years of experience within journalism, with extensive knowledge on domestic and foreign policy. Laurentiu Mihu has management experience of more than 10 years as both editor and coordinator of newsrooms. Very passionate about geopolitics, foreign affairs, recent history and ideologies trends, he is also interested in a wide range of topics, especially on world’s current status, exploring the underneath of hot topics like fake news, strategic political decision, climate change, regional developments around the Black Sea and beyond.

Liviu G. Stan

Liviu G. Stan is a young journalist and writer with 13 years of experience in the media, mainly foreign affairs. He has worked for Digi24, Mediafax, Global Reporter, Adevărul. He has also done freelance work for cultural publications: interviews, editorials, essays, literary chronicles, urban anthropology in the Cultural Observatory, Horizon, Culture, Tiuk, Europe, Time, and Romanian Life. He has also published works of fiction: “Bird Blood on Clothes”, (2014), “Houses Will Forget” (2016), “Filip Manakis: A European Story” (2019) and “Salamanders” (2021). Their Romanian titles are: „Sânge de pasăre pe haine”, (2014), „Casele vor uita” (2016), „Filip Manakis: o poveste europeană” (2019), „Salamandre” (2021)