Plagiarism Checking Workshop with Emilia Șercan

Plagiarism in the doctoral theses of politicians, high-ranking civil servants, magistrates or representatives of the defense and security system represents a significant problem in Romania.

The workshop dedicated to checking plagiarism is designed and supported by journalist Emilia Șercan, specialized in identifying fraud in academic works, and is supported by the Rațiu

Participation is primarily open to journalists and Journalism students from Cluj-Napoca and the Western region of Romania.

The workshop took place between March 31st and April 1st in Turda, at Casa Ratiu, and will include meals and accomodation.

Information note on the processing of personal data for participants:

Emilia Șercan is an investigative journalist with 24 years of professional experience. She is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences (University of Bucharest). She has worked for national media platforms like the Curierul Naţional and Evenimentul Zilei newspapers and for the Realitatea-Cațavencu media trust. As of 2015, her investigations can be
read on PressOne .

She has authored over 4,000 investigations, interviews and columns, more recently on the topic of plagiarism in doctoral theses. In the past five years, she has focused extensively on this topic, publishing investigations about the theses of several important public figures in Romania.

In 2013, she was awarded an “Excellence” for her doctoral thesis, “The Cult of Secrecy: Mechanism of Censorship in the Communist Press”, published with Polirom. In 2017, she published another book: “The PhD Factory, or How the Foundations of a Country Fall” (Humanitas).

Emilia Șercan has won several scholarships, among which a US State Department Fellowship at Ohio University (2016), a scholarship at Standhal University Grenoble 3 (2012 – 2013) and a Freedom House Scholarship in the USA (2004). Over the years, she has won several professional and academic awards: Journalist of the Year – SuperScrieri Awards (2016), Freedom of Expression Award – Active Watch (2016), Ion Ratiu Journalism Award (2016), “Nicolae Iorga” Award of the Romanian Society of Historical Sciences, European Network for Academic Integrity Award (2019) and the Award the Group for Social Dialogue – GDS (2020).